Frequently Asked Questions

Monbue is a contact management software tailored to Your needs. It helps you to better organize your contacts by creating and assigning various digital business cards (V-Cards). In addition to exchanging contact information, Monbue offers many other useful features. Such as an Ai card reader, this feature allows you to scan physical business cards which are automatically generated into a digital contact. GEO contacts, here you have an overview of where you met your lead, so you never forget where you made the connection. Furthermore, statistics is a helpful tool for tracking your shared information. Always have insight into who clicks on your social media platforms, so you know where to put the most focus on.

Monbue is dedicated to protecting your privacy and personal data. That’s why all your personal data is encrypted so that not even we have access to it.

Our app is fully functional without an NFC-Card. However, if you want to share your contact information independently from your phone or just like to have a physical card then Monbue’s standard or elite NFC-Card is your way to go.

No, since Monbue is a Web-app all non-Monbue users will be redirected to a webpage without needing to install the app.